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Posted by gotohealth on September 29, 2007

The current reality and cold hard fact is that we have a sick care system in the United States. Annie Loyd, an Independent candidate for Congress in the third district of Arizona says – Go to Health!

This is a forum for input, conversation, dialogue, debate and discussion to create action in transforming our current unrealistic and expensive “health care” delivery system.

We recognize an efficient, effective patient centric health care delivery system is a partnership based on a knowledgeable patient/consumer and an accessible system. A consumer made knowledgeable through continued education in their own health. A system made effective and accessible through the following vision:

  • Access to affordable health care for all.

  • Put choice of doctor and hospital back into the hands of the consumers/patients.

  • Envisioning an integrative health care system that treats equally mental, physical and emotional health for all people.

  • Place the needs of the patient first in our health care system.

  • Increase research funding to achieve evidence based medicine for complimentary/alternative therapies.

Join the conversation. Share your ideas and concerns….


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